Importance of Sun and Interesting Facts

Sun is the most important for our earth. Life is not possible on earth without sun as its light and heat is necessary for all living things on the earth and without it, our earth would be a ball of ice.

It keeps our earth warm, maintain atmosphere, and give sufficient energy to plants and trees to provide oxygen and food for life on earth. For earth, it is the biggest source of energy which provide solar energy.

Plants make their food their selves by a process called photosynthesis which is also due to sun. The formation of clouds will be made due to sun. In this process sea water evaporates and rise in the sky and make clouds.

Our Oil resources, Coal and petroleum which are main factors for making fuel, all are due to the sun. Without sun, it would be very cold and dark with no trees, no flowers, no fruits, no grains and nothing on earth. Sun gives us vitamin D which is necessary for our bones.

The earth population is increasing day by day, at that stage it is necessary to adopt the ways to get energy from Sunlight or solar. It is the cheapest and cleanest way of make energy.

There are a lot of stars but sun is the largest known star because it is the mid of our solar system.

If we select a part of the Sun and pile up, we will find that it contains 74% hydrogen 24% helium. And the rest 2% includes iron, nickel, and oxygen.

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Some Facts about the Sun

  • Sun is a composition of hydrogen and helium
  • Sun is 110 times wider than earth, surface area 12000 times and massive is 3 Lac 30 thousand times than the earth.
  • Around one million earths could be fit inside the sun.
  • The temperature of sun surface is around 5700 degree Celsius.
  • Average distance of the sun from earth is 150 million kilometers and its light takes 8 minutes and 20 second to reach on earth. (Remember light speed is 3 lac kilometers per second)
  • If the sun disappears, we could notice its absence after eight minutes.
  • It is the largest known stars but not the biggest star of the universe.
  • It travels 220 kilometers per second and it has a very powerful magnetic field.
  • Sun is slowly heating up and after billion years its heat will became more intense due to which the life on earth will not possible and the water on earth would not exist.
  • Sun has different parts and rotating speed of each part is also different from one another.
  • The age of sun is approx. 4.6 billion years.
  • We see the color of sun is yellow, but if we see the sun from space, its actual color is white.
  • In our solar system, Jupiter is the largest planet, more than one thousand Jupiter could fit inside the sun.

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