How To Win Fights in Arena!

Today’s guide what we’re gonna be doing is a guide on how to win more fights in arena but instead of my usual format where i give something like five or six tips back to back what we’ll be doing instead is actually analyzing some of my gameplay seeing what i do right wrong and what you can learn and implement into your own games before we hop into the guide though be sure to drop a like if this guide helps you out consider.

If you’re new to the channel and want to see more content just like this and if you’re interested in helping out a bit extra then consider using code tech when the item shop as it’s absolutely free and it really helps a ton and with that said let’s get into the guide so to start off this guide we’ll be going over a fight that i had in solo arena a few weeks ago starting off this fight the second zone had just popped up and i’m on the edge of it meaning i should probably clean it up quick and start rotating i end up missing a few shots off the start no big deal and then i make the mistake of not building up right away which results in me taking a hit of damage the player starts cranking up to me so i box up using metal and then i’m able to get a clean triangle at it on him while he’s building up.

At this point in the fight i make a pretty bad mistake i managed to full box this player basically get all the builds around him and i break his ramp and replace it but the mistake i made here was that i placed a ramp in his box which allows him to edit down to his floor this is a problem because had i used a cone in this situation he would have been totally stuck in my builds and i would have a clean right hand peek on him instead since i placed a ramp instead of a cone he manages to edit down and i chase him around for a bit not allowing him to heal we trade shots at this point and we’re both pretty low my game stutters pretty bad while he’s getting out of the box and honestly i end up just trusting my aim and end up finishing this fight.

This fight definitely wasn’t the cleanest fight that i’ve had but the biggest takeaway here is to use cones in boxes when your opponent has control the floor that way it’s not possible for them to just edit down and the fight is completely in your control as well as that right after you get pre-fight damage try to start building up as quick as possible that way you won’t get shot back and damage like i did near the start it doesn’t seem like a big deal at first but that 35 damage can actually make a huge difference later in the fight on to the next clip though and this is actually a duo fight now in this fight i end up making a big mistake that almost cost me my life but i managed to bail myself out so we start out this fight by launching on two players.

They’re both sitting in a box i make the mistake of Pro Gaming Settings setting up right next to their box which allows them to both come running out now this definitely is a bit of a bot move on their part since they didn’t really go for any peace control and they really just put themselves in a bad spot but the play still did do something as i was under a ton of pressure luckily though since they’re not the smartest players i managed to clean one up pretty quickly with a 175 headshot you know your boy’s got the best name in the game and my boy balance basically just keeps the pressure on and gets a bunch of damage off on the other player and then eventually they go down with a quick pump shot as well this fight did end up in our favor but it could have gone a lot smoother had i built some cover while i was pushing their box with two players in one box.

It’s super easy to apply pressure get peace control on them and pretty much get free kills so with that said it definitely would have been a lot cleaner had we both pushed at the same time either way you’ve just got to love my shaka name i don’t know why it’s this good i hardly even do kovacs anymore i guess i just have like good genetics or shaka name or something on to clip number three though with the same duo partner and we’re being third partied right after cleaning up another fight having good materials in hp we both decided to crank for height my game freezes for a second but we’re still able to get up there my teammate balance gets a bunch of damage off in a quick box fight so i push in from the side on the player that’s pushing him and i get the quick cleanup sorry ttv kid balance is fairly low at this point but i’m perfectly good on hp and materials and i know he’s already taken damage.

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