Genshin Impact fishing spots

Fishing is a new feature that allows players to catch fish without having kill them in water. Our Genshin Impact guide of explains how you can unlock fishing and what other activities are possible with it- including the ability for some quests like Exploding Population World Quest (which unlocks automatically when logging on) not be available at first because they require items from previous stages of their completion before one has access; this makes sure no player gets left behind!

Katheryne in Mondstadt is the perfect place to start if you’re looking for some advice on how best to catch fish. After speaking with her, it will be clear that Genshin Impact fishing minigame has been designed as a tutorial and trial run before going out into open water solo – although she does admit there are instances when one might need his or her own personal trainer!

The following passage details everything Katheringiee says: “You’ll want something heavy enough so they don’t feel threatened,”she tells me while handing over an old lacrosse stick from behind the register counter-top where I find myself standing..

Genshin Impact has introduced many Genshin Impact Fishing Spots throughout Teyvat. Most of the fish in this area are very common, but there’s always a few surprises waiting for you! Our Genshin Guide will show us where all different types and breeds can be found as well as which bait to use when chasing them down – no matter what time it is or weather conditions prevail outside (which change quickly!).

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