Cyberpunk Every Breath You Take

Quality of the drops

It is something that you might think of wrong about the game and that is the fact that the quality of the drops is not dependent on the difficulty of the game but rather on your actual level so even though you might increase that difficulty to very high it’s probably not going to guarantee better items across the board at least not from my testing it does increase things like enemies hp enemies damage onto you and even the xp that you get slightly from these enemies but otherwise the quality of the item is going to be dependent on the level of your actual character.

This is why in the beginning of the game you kept getting like whites and greens and maybe occasionally a blue one and then later on at 35 plus or 40 plus and even more still 50 you would constantly get epics almost all the time and even more so legendaries and by the way do keep in mind that this only affects the random drops and not the specific drops like for example a certain piece of gear that drops from a specific boss or from a specific encounter these are completely different and they will almost always stay the same in terms of the quality but anyway this is it with the biggest.

Take a train

we bet you didn’t know you could take a train it’s funny and it’s pretty easy to do but with a little practice you can get up to the train platforms and just ride the trainer out if you really want to go for a ride start the mission we fought the lot jump on top of the hover car before it starts to fly off and it’ll give you a little tour of the city as it flies directly over a train line.

Reach a train certain train rails

It’s probably the easiest ways to reach a train certain train rails don’t like you getting on them though the ones that do that you want to look out for are the ones with a wide landing around them rather than the ones that are just a single flying rail because the ladder will just boot you off while the former is pretty stable now just wander around until a train shows up it might be a while and but they eventually do show up you just double jump to get on top it’s really simple it’s maybe not official but you get to take a free scenic tour of night city you do have to be careful about getting off though it is a long way down big shout out to a sizeable lad for figuring this trick out at.

Infinite money trick

There is an infinite money trick it’s not actually the fastest way to get money but it’s definitely the easiest it’s especially useful when you’re just starting out and the requirements are fairly low the only thing you’re really need to pull off the trick is the crafting perk mechanic which is one of the first Cyberpunk 2077 perks Native Gamer you get how all this works is you find a spot with a lot of vending machines these apartment building and the city center are both pretty good spots with tons of vending machines so they’re good places to go you just find the ones selling nikola soda and buy up as much nickel of blue.

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