9 different types of Headphones

Robert SmithRobert SmithFebruary 2, 20214min00

There are many different types of headphones in the market as well as online. But it is very difficult to decide with a headphone to pick. Many different brands with different designs and prices. The price range of the headphones is very broad because the price changes with the specifications. If you are not willing to buy the expensive headset then you can buy the headphone at a cheap price and of high quality. Whether you are at work or doing a gem you can just put the earbuds in your ears and enjoy the music. They are portable and you can carry them anywhere. Some of the best headphones are given below.


Dangobuds are usually out of stock because they are the most purchased headphones. It has many features like best audio and sound quality, extremely high build quality, easy to handle, can cancel the background noise, and has a protective case. The disadvantage is that they have low battery life.


It features the best sound quality, good battery life, and it can be connected to any device. The whole set of the Airphones includes the carry case and a charger.

Apple Airpods pro

Apple is one of the most known companies in the whole world. The biggest disadvantage of their Airpods is that they are very expensive. But it has the best features that include excellent sound, Noise cancellation effects, and a shock-absorbing carrying case.

Samsung Galaxy Buds

They are the best earbuds with many qualities. They feature the best sound, very comfortable, and long battery life. But the disadvantage of these earbuds is that they are very expensive and require the app to work on IOS.

JBL tune

JBL tune features a cool design with a stylish charger case, it has good battery life, and they are very comfortable earbuds. The disadvantage of these earbuds is that they are very expensive to purchase.

Beats headphones

The best feature about these headphones is that they are lighter in weight and can be carried easily. The biggest disadvantage of these headphones is that they are a tighter fit which makes them a little uncomfortable if used for a long time.

Panasonic Earbuds

One of the best earbuds with the best quality. They are user-friendly earbuds. They are of affordable price and give excellent sound effect. They are ear fit and very comfortable.

Echo buds

They have the Bluetooth option and can connect to any nearby device. Give a clear sound effect to the user. You can listen to music and can attend calls.

Blaro Headphones

They are wireless headphones that provide with best sound quality. The Bluetooth option can help you to connect it with any device. They are available in different sizes, shapes, and colors.

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