7 Ways to Overcome Instagram Algorithm

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms with millions of followers. Users are doing many different activities on Instagram such as they post pictures, videos, blogs, and much more. If you want to start a business on Instagram first you have to switch your user account to a business account. The advantage of the business account is that many users are attracted to your account and a business account provides many privileges as compared to the user account.

There are many accounts on social media that are more popular and have more followers than your account. Because of this reason, it is hard to be seen by many followers if you have few. The algorithm of Instagram works in a way that the smaller account with few followers gets less attention. Many people think that overcoming the algorithm is very difficult but it is very simple. All you have to do is to know your target audience and your niche. If you will target the audience of your niche you will get more likes and followers. Some of the ways to overcome the Instagram Algorithm are mentioned below.

Improve Your Photo Quality:

The first and very important step to overcome the Instagram algorithm is to step up your photo quality. If you want your feed to appear on the top all you have to do is to create great content. So if you want to give reason to the followers to follow you all you have to do is to obtain great content. With the best quality images and photos, you can beat Instagram Algorithm. If you post poor-quality images and photos on your profile people will not follow you. So before posting any image on Instagram you must brighten up it and then post it.

Keep Active on Instagram:

Another reason to beat Instagram Algorithm is you should post often on your profile. The more you post on Instagram the more are the chances of getting a lot of followers. But it is very exhausting to post more than once a day. Always try to post five times a week so that more people will reach you and follow you. When Instagram will see that you are posting on Instagram more often and you are active there are more chances of reaching more accounts. And there are a lot of chances that when someone will search for an account your account will appear on the top search. Posting more often will also leave a positive impact on your followers that you are active on your profile.

Use Hashtags:

Another way to beat Instagram Algorithm is that you should use hashtags under your post. The maximum limit of using a hashtag is 32 you can use 32 hashtags under each post. But it is very annoying to use a lot of the hashtag. Hashtags are very powerful tools that can help you grow your Instagram profile. Always try to use the hashtag that belongs to your niche. Because if you use the hashtag of your niche it will help you reach more people who belong to the same niche. If you want to reach more people then use specific and popular hashtags.

Post in Best Time Slots:

The time you post on Instagram is also very important. Always try to consider your target audience. Because the target audience is the one who will read your content and like it. So always try to post in the time when most of your followers are active on Instagram. There are many tools through which you can determine which time is best for posting on Instagram. If you post at midnight then you will not be able to reach more people.

Give a Response to Your Followers:

One of the best tricks to beat the Instagram Algorithm is that you should engage with your followers. When your followers give comments on your post you should respond to them with a positive attitude. When you give a positive response to your followers on Instagram check it and see if you are engaging with your followers then as a result they promote your post to more people.

Gifts and Giveaways:

Another way to get more followers on Instagram is to do a giveaway and set some requirements that to tag two people or post it on your story in this way it will start a chain and more people will follow your account. You will get hundreds of followers in an hour.

Use Instagram Stories:

One of the best steps to beat the Instagram algorithm is to use Instagram stories. Most users on Instagram always prefer to view stories instead of profiles. When the users will find your stories more relevant and interesting they will view your profile and follow your account.

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